• DPT (Dynamic Penetration Test) (Field Test)

     The result of the dynamic probe test (DPT) is a number of blows N, needed to penetrate a cone device to the soil or rock by a so-called interval of penetration depth.

    The Interval of penetration depth differs according to the type of dynamic probe test:

    • DPL – dynamic probing light
    • DPM – dynamic probing medium
    • DPH – dynamic probing heavy
    • DPSH - A – dynamic probing superheavy
    • DPSH - B – dynamic probing superheavy

    The interval of penetration depth is 100 mm for DPLDPM, and DPH and 100 or 200 mm for DPSH - A or DPSH - tests.

    The necessary torque moment to rotation by 1,5 turns or to reaching its maximum value should also be recorded and written down at least after every 1,0 m of the test. This value serves to eliminate the shear friction.

    The result of DPT is its process plotted as a graph. The evaluation of DPTs are used as input parameters for the stratigraphic modeling in the "Stratigraphy" program.

    The results of DPTs can be imported into the program as .txt data.

    The name of the test and the depth of the first point of the DPT is entered in the "New field test" dialog window. In the "Stratigraphy" program, the input of coordinations xyz is required.

    The number of blows and moment is entered in the table.


    EN ISO 22476-3: Geotechnical investigation and testing - Field testing. Part 2: Dynamic probing test, 2005.

    Roy E. Hunt: Geotechnical Engineering Investigation Handbook, Second Edition (CRC Press, 2005)


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